Inspired by active archetypes and nature's excellence our scents surpass expectations and compliment pits of all shapes, sizes and colour.


Keep bacteria, shirt stains and pasty pits at bay with our clean, quick dry, spray application. Our deo is perfect for your active lifestyle.



A blend of sandalwood, benzoin and himalayan cedarwood. Sandalwood’s exotic and rich scent combines perfectly with the subtle undertones of sweet-woody himalayan cedarwood. Benzoin’s vanilla-like scent gives warmth and brightness, reminiscent of a hike in the deep woods after a storm.



A blend of texas cedarwood, white musk, benzoin and jasmine. The sweet vanilla-like warmth of benzoin and subtle floral undertones of jasmine grounds the fresh radiance of white musk and balances the smoky, crisp aroma of texas cedarwood.

Active Humans Spray Deodorant