Groom's beard wash is a liquid shampoo that has been created especially for regular use on beard and face. It is gentler than regular shampoo, shower gel, and body soap, and will not dry out and damage your beard.

  • Recommended for medium to large beards
  • Fresh scent of pine tree, juniper and lime
  • 250ml


Additional Information

Its formula combines conditioning properties with a cooling, minty effect. Use as you would a regular shampoo: pour a small amount in your hands, lather up in beard and rinse thoroughly. Avoid heat and direct sunlight.

Groom is dedicated to developing their signature formulas using carefully selected, eco-friendly, natural ingredients. Their inspiration stems from the rich tradition of men’s grooming, nourished by scientific innovation in body care. They take pride in manufacturing their own products in-house at our Montreal workshop, with thorough attention to details.

Groom Beard Wash