Öko-Pads Complete Kit - Hemp Menstrual Pads

The kit contains:
2 Öko-liners, 2 Mini Öko-liners, 2 Regular Öko-pads, 2 Long Öko-pads, for a total of 8 pads, 1 Dual pocket mini for carrying your reusable cloth pad or washable liner, one packet of natural laundry detergent and one natural stain remover bar to properly care for your pads.

This set allows you to try 4 different Öko-Pads during a menstrual cycle.  You then might want to add some Öko-pads to complete your kit, or try out our comfortable fit thong pads.

Designed and created by women, our line of menstrual products offers reliable protection and supreme comfort. We have chosen hemp and organic cotton fibresundyed and unbleached by chlorine, both for their reduced eco-footprint and their lowered risk of irritation and allergies. Thin and durable, they are designed for long-term use and savings. Try them!

  • Colour: natural, undyed, backing of variable colour
  • Composition: hemp, organic cotton, organic cotton laminated with polyurethan
  • Labels: 100% organic cotton
  • Packaging: FSC certified paper
  • Made in Quebec, Canada


*Colour/Pattern is subject to change depending on current stock availability

OKO- Reusable Pad Starter Kit