Ritual Candles also know as chime candles are one of the most important  items in a pagan ritual,  so you need the  proper candle for the Wiccan ritual, candle magick or spell.  


4 inch x .5 inch come in a box of 20 or in bundles of four. Assorted colors.


White: Enlightenment, healing, Purification,Protection.

Lavender: Selflessness, Compassion, Inspiration.

Pink:  Love, Friendship, Romance, Caring.

Green: Prosperity, Fertility, Luck, Balance.

Yellow: Communications, Trust, Happiness.

Light Blue: Peace, Creativity, Patience.

Orange: Self-Confidence,  Optimism, Success.

Red:  Vitality, Will power, Desires.

Purple: Psychic Power, Divination, Healing.

Indigo Blue: Knowledge, Focus, Truth.

Black: Regeneration, Riddance, Transition


4" x .5" Sold individually.

Ritual Chime Candles - Individuals