A  guide to getting your period and loving your body. 


Celebrate You!

Your Moontime Magic was created to honor and support everything aboutyou! The start of your periods, also known as your moontime, and the transition from your kid-self to your teen-self can be awesome but also overwhelming.

Let this book coach you through all things moontime, including physical and emotional changes, self-nurturing, mindfulness, and self-love. You’ll be inspired by stories of girls supporting other girls and discover rituals and mythology from many cultures to help you celebrate this special experience. It’s time to remove the needless embarrassment around periods so you can rock your monthly cycles!

Complete with exercises, crafts, meditations, recipes, and practical advice,Your Moontime Magicprovides guidance to care for your changing body and direction for bringing your magical visions to life.

Your Moontime Magic - Maureen Theresa Smith